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Accounting work according to the needs and requirements of each customer , based on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS 's) previously known as International Accounting Standards (NICs ) , consistent ; may include the following:

We specialize in:

• Preparation of Financial Statements Code.

• Monthly records information about purchases, sales , payments (checks or cash) , income ( bank deposits ) .

• Preparation and monthly reconciliation of subsidiary accounts of significant accounting , accounts payable suppliers, shareholders, loans payable and operating expenses among others , with the balance of the respective account in the general ledger .


• Monthly production of receipts daily .

• Preparation of bank reconciliations , reviewing information provided by the customer and account statements received from banks.
• Monthly preparation of the Trial Balance .• Seal and monthly record of the books daily and more general.
• Calculation and preparation of the return.
• Preparation and Presentation of I.T.B.M.
• What a cash count .

Also we dedicated ourselves to do

Report Buyer , Goods and Services  //  Tax Advice // Advice on internal control systems of the company.  // Bank Certificates // Calculation of Settlements  // Sheet 03 // Social Security Payroll  // Personal Balances  // Tax Returns // Production of Annexes 94, 72 and Others // Budgeting  // All related to accounting

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